Wild Moonfire will be the place for the modern woman to be inspired and guided to express their own creativity and reveal their free-spirited fashion style.

Our product range will include clothing, accessories & home décor, all inspired by chic luxe bohemian style.

We will also offer a special Wild Moonfire collection of hand-made products created by Kasey, Katelyn & their family including earrings, candles, soaps & scarves to start our branded collection.

Our keen sense of fashion and natural ability in affirming our own style is the driving force behind Wild Moonfire.


The beginning…


Kasey & Katelyn O’Donoghue are sisters and co-owners of Wild Moonfire. They are certainly not new to expressing their skills & love through music & song writing. Based in regional North Queensland, Kasey & Katelyn have been travelling around the country performing as part of the band Homegrown and have a passion for creativity.

"Why fit in when you were born to stand out! Fashion is about expressing your personality & being 100% comfortable in your own style. Our outfits, on stage & off, are bold yet unique in its own way which resembles our free-spirited personality. I feel that every woman should feel special & fashion is a great way to express that. Here at Wild Moonfire, we want to help you find your adventurous personality through bohemian fashion style & trendy accessories & collections."